Track Geometry Measurement System Market Trends And Future Forecast For 2023 To 2028


Research by Global Market Studies has reported a CAGR  of 6.2% for the Track Geometry Measurement System Market, expecting to expand to a value of USD 4.23 billion by 2028. 

The market for technology and apparatus used to measure and keep track of the geometry and condition of railroad tracks is known as the Track Geometry Measurement System (TGMS) market. TGMS is necessary to ensure the dependability and safety of the rail infrastructure and to identify any issues before they result in mishaps or delays.

There is a huge increase in demand for dependable and effective railway transportation, which has propelled the growth of the worldwide TGMS market. The market is divided into different categories of measurement systems including equipment for measuring track geometry, spotting track faults and inspecting tracks.

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 Market Dynamics

Drivers :

TGMS technology is becoming more accurate and effective as a result of technological developments like the creation of laser-based systems. New and better measurement systems are being developed as a result of this. To fulfill the rising demand for transportation, governments around the world are investing in the renovation and upgrading of railway infrastructure. This is making it possible to use TGMS technology to increase the effectiveness and security of railroad tracks.

Moreover, the use of TGMS technology to monitor and maintain the condition of railroad tracks is being driven by the necessity for efficient asset management in the railway industry. New measurement systems and services are being developed as a result, which is opening new prospects.


The adoption of TGMS technology is being driven by the railway industry’s growing emphasis on safety in order to identify possible issues before they lead to accidents or delays.

Additionally, the demand for reliable and efficient railway infrastructure is being driven by the rising demand for rail transit, especially in developing nations, making it possible to use TGMS technology to increase the dependability and safety of railroad rails.

Restraints & Challenges:

Despite recent substantial advancements in TGMS technology, various technical restrictions still exist that may limit the system’s usefulness. For instance, some measurement methods may not be able to detect specific flaws or may be limited in their ability to do so during specific weather circumstances.


Smaller railroad firms and poor nations may face serious difficulties as a result of the comparatively high cost of TGMS technology. This may restrict the use of TGMS technology and hinder the market’s expansion. Varying nations may have varying rules and requirements for TGMS technology usage and the railway industry’s regulatory environment can be complicated. This may pose difficulties for international businesses and restrict the use of TGMS technology in particular areas.


TGMS technology installation, operation and maintenance call for specialist knowledge and abilities. The adoption and efficient use of TGMS technology may be significantly hampered by the lack of skilled staff. Furthermore, regular maintenance and repair are necessary to preserve this technology’s effectiveness. For certain businesses, the expense and complexity of maintaining and fixing the equipment can be difficult.

Recent Developments & Partnerships:

• In October 2022, the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) and Tesmec S.p.A. signed a contract for the supply of a novel diagnostic tool integrated with measuring tools to examine the railway network. In addition to the training of local operators and the inspection of diagnostic systems, this contract also includes the design and building of the diagnostic tool and onboard diagnostic systems.

In August 2022, the American companies RailPod Inc. and STANLEY Infrastructure partnered to combine RailPod Inc.’s rail inspection technology with the industrial tools and clientele of STANLEY Infrastructure.

Key Players:

Balfour Beatty PLC, Bentley Systems Inc., Egis Group, ENSCO, ESIM, Fugro N.V., MERMEC S.P.A, Plasser & Theurer, Siemens AG, Trimble

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is the projected market value of the Track Geometry Measurement System Market?

– The Track Geometry Measurement System Market is expected to reach a value of USD 4.23 billion by 2028

2) What is the estimated CAGR of the Track Geometry Measurement System Market over the 2023 to 2028 forecast period?

– The Track Geometry Measurement System Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of approximately 6.2% from 2023 to 2028.

3) Who are the key players in the Track Geometry Measurement System Market?

– Balfour Beatty PLC, Bentley Systems Inc., Egis Group, ENSCO, ESIM, Fugro N.V., MERMEC S.P.A, Plasser & Theurer, Siemens AG, Trimble.

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