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A multi-trillion-dollar market, the Healthcare industry today is driven by path-breaking improvements in technology focused on delivering better outcomes, shorter patient downtime and closing the gap between consumer demand and medical infrastructure. Both government and industry are determined to address some keys challenges, which include the rise in healthcare cost, integration of healthcare systems, an aging population, diagnostic and medication errors, and rise of chronic illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, neurological and cardiovascular disorders and HIV. Some of the advancements in healthcare include non-invasive or minimally-invasive procedures, telemedicine, self-diagnostics, therapeutics devices, bioimplants, neurostimulation, among others. The sector has witnessed a considerable jump in research and development-related investment to tackle these challenges, which has led the way for more economic opportunities presenting themselves. As the sector is catering largely to a hyper-aware market, the industry today is more consumer-focused than it ever was.

Today, North America is the largest market for healthcare services, accounting for over 40 percent of the global market share. North America is followed by Asia-Pacific, Western Europe, and the rest of the world. Going forward, Asia-Pacific and Africa are expected to be the fastest-growing regions in this market. Technological advancements, growth of smart hospitals, developments in the home care segment and medical tourism are expected to boost the growth of the healthcare market. The global healthcare market is expected to witness an increase in global spending of up to USD 10.6 billion by 2022 with an annual growth rate of 5.4 percent year on year from 2018 to 2022. Further, developing countries are prioritizing investments and returns in the healthcare industry in terms of both revenue and employment. The healthcare sector in these countries is growing at a brisk pace due to strengthening of healthcare coverage, services and increased expenditure by public as well private players. The hospital industry in emerging countries is expected to grow at CAGR of 16 to17 percent to reach USD 132.84 billion by the fiscal year 2022. Moving forward, faster economic growth, technological developments in the areas of devices and methods of operation, changes in lifestyles, improved survival and better quality of life will drive growth in the industry.

Global Market Studies Healthcare Market Research reports cover key healthcare segments such as cardiovascular, surgical, orthopedic, diagnostics, artificial intelligence- driven diagnostics and treatments, and tele-diagnostics. Our reports also include coverage of the key subsectors of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, clinical diagnostics, medical devices, medical imaging, drugs diagnostics, cell biology, drug delivery, mobility aid and healthcare information technology (electronic medical records, electronic prescribing, computerized physician order entry, picture archiving and communication systems, clinical decision support). Other categories of healthcare reports also available include wellness and preventative programming, sports medicine, insurance & managed care, and clinical guidelines. We track the development of software, hardware, services, and integrated products with applications in clinical trial management, medical diagnostics, healthcare administration, healthcare payers, pharmaceuticals and relentlessly explore emerging opportunities for our stakeholders. Our reports include important regulatory, industry, technology and infrastructure advancements, to give your business a competitive edge over other market players, existing and emerging, and help guide your next investment. Special emphasis is laid on data pertaining to new entrants, current players expanding their role in the industry, and emerging innovation as these factors likely to cause a disruption in the healthcare market. Our market intelligence vis-à-vis sizing, forecasting, industry intelligence, success and risk factors, growth indicators and market opportunities has contributed to business advancement and better strategic decisions for our clients. Our analysis of geographical regions includes North America, South America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa.

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Healthcare Market Research FAQ

Healthcare market research helps businesses understand their target audience, industry trends, and competitive landscape to make strategic decisions and achieve their business objectives.

A healthcare market research report typically includes information on market size, growth potential, trends, competitive landscape, key players, and consumer preferences and behavior.

Using a healthcare market research company can provide businesses with access to specialized expertise, robust data sources, and insights that can help inform critical business decisions.

Challenges of conducting healthcare market research may include obtaining accurate and reliable data, addressing regulatory and ethical considerations, and keeping up with rapidly evolving trends and technologies.

Trends in healthcare market research includes AI And Machine Learning & Blockchain, Personalized Medicine, Value-Based Care, Digital Health & Telemedicine

The role of using marketing research in healthcare services is to gather insights and data from patients and other stakeholders to inform decision-making and improve the quality, accessibility, and affordability of healthcare services.

Common sources of data used in healthcare market research reports include primary research such as surveys and focus groups, as well as secondary research such as government statistics and industry reports.

Healthcare market research reports can help you stay competitive by providing insights into market trends, identifying opportunities for growth and innovation, and assessing the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors.

Choose a healthcare market research company that has experience in your specific industry and research needs, has a good reputation for quality and accuracy, and can offer competitive pricing and flexible service options.