Energy & Power

The Global Energy and Power market is expected to experience a boom in the near future. Countries are increasingly focusing on waste management initiatives and going “Green”, bringing about a change in the way markets view energy and power. Stronger commitments across economies, increasing regulatory compliances and heavy pollution control measures is driving industries to adopt alternative energy sources. Governments across the globe are now placing a strong emphasis on renewable energy projects particularly solar and wind. There is increased focus on better grid management to avoid network losses, and smart metering in both private and public projects. Governments of developing economies are also relaxing norms pertaining to FDI and private investments in renewable projects. Energy management software, virtual audits, bio-based production, and focus on elimination of dependability on conventional resources have played a vital role in shaping the energy and power industry.

At Global Market Studies, we offer extensive research on global energy and power market trends to give our clients a macro and micro insight into the energy market growth through the use of data refining, end-use market analysis and energy industry analysis. We also provide data on the market share of key players and a detailed analysis of their strategies on the sub-sectors of non-renewable, convention energy, renewable energy, power generation and utilities and bio-fuels. Contact us for more information on our offerings in the Energy and Power market.

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