The Agriculture Industry encompasses a variety of topics, including farm equipment, agricultural biotechnology, agri-economics, animal husbandry and agrochemicals. In recent years, the industry has been focused heavily on increasing food production in the coming decades as well as promoting ‘Green’ and sustainable production. There is a rise in investment in research and technological advancements at a global level. Recent developments include advancements in hybrid seeds, organic pesticides and genetic-analysis. A similar shift is being witnessed in animal husbandry methods and practices. Animal breeding, owing to the increasing demand for poultry and dairy products, is a huge area of study. Economies are tightening regulatory control in the sector and pushing for the adoption of alternative technology over traditional methods to increase yields.

Our reports on the Agriculture sector cover plant and animal nutrition, crop protection, fertilizers, seeds, farm equipment, approved pesticides, irrigation technology, agriculture technology, organic and precision farming, livestock information, and sustainable farming, among other sub-segments. We provide high-quality data on key players, new technologies, regulations across geographies and current research being conducted. For more information on our Agriculture Industry reports, contact us.

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