Delivery Robots Market Future Forecast For 2023 to 2028


A report by Global Market Studies has shown a CAGR of 33.7% for the Delivery Robots Market, expecting to expand to a value of USD 1.8 billion by 2028. 

The Delivery Robots market is a rapidly growing industry that utilizes autonomous robots for the purpose of delivering goods and packages to customers. These robots can navigate through various terrains and obstacles and equipped with sensors and cameras that allow them to detect and avoid obstacles in their path.

The market is mainly driven by the increasing demand for efficient last-mile delivery solutions, as well as the need for automation and robotics in various industries. The retail industry has seen a significant increase in the use of delivery robots, as e-commerce companies look for ways to speed up the delivery process and reduce their operational costs.

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Delivery Robots Market Future Forcast For 2023 to 2028

Market Dynamics


Demand for effective last-mile delivery solutions is growing, which is one of the main factors driving the market for delivery robots. Faster and more affordable delivery solutions are required as e-commerce and online purchasing keep expanding.

The development of more sophisticated and functional robots has also been made possible by improvements in robotics and automation, which are other factors driving the market for delivery robots. Moreover, the demand for delivery robots has surged as a result of the necessity for contactless delivery solutions, which has been driven by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Delivery robots can help businesses save labor expenses and shorten delivery times, which can result in sizable cost savings. There are various new opportunities opening for delivery robots as a result of the retail sector’s growth, particularly in emerging developing nations.

Several countries throughout the world are also putting supportive programs and policies in place to promote the use of delivery robots, which is aiding the expansion of the business. 

Restraints & Challenges:

For certain firms, the high initial costs associated with purchasing and operating delivery robots is likely to be a major roadblock as it results in a loss of profit. Another major issue is that current delivery robots are unable to handle complex tasks or negotiate all sorts of terrain due to their restricted capabilities, which may reduce their value in some fields and settings.

There is also a chance of accidents or collisions with pedestrians, other cars or objects while delivery robots operate in public areas. For this reason, the laws governing the use of delivery robots are still being developed in many jurisdictions, which can cause confusion for businesses and hinder adoption in the long term.

Due to safety concerns or worries about losing their jobs, some people may be wary of the delivery robots industry, which can hinder future investment and progress. Extreme weather conditions can also negatively affect delivery robot performance. The total cost-effectiveness of delivery robots may be impacted by the time and investment required for maintenance and repair.

Recent Developments:

• In June 2022, Relay Robotics Inc. announced the launch of its new delivery robot, “Relay+ Service Robot,” for the hospitality industry. The robot can make deliveries in less than 10 minutes and operate at about USD 4 per hour.

• In March 2022, Inc., through its logistics arm JD Logistics, introduced autonomous delivery robots in Shanghai to offer contactless last-mile delivery. These robots can load up to 100 kilograms of goods and drive up to 80 kilometers per charge.

• In January 2022, Nuro Inc. announced the launch of its third-generation autonomous delivery vehicle, “Nuro.” The new vehicle is designed to carry more goods and enables more deliveries, which is twice the cargo volume of the company’s second-generation vehicle.

• In December 2022, Starship Technologies announced a partnership with Teal to offer unmatched connectivity and reliability for automated delivery robots. This partnership will help the company gain access to any of the global networks through Teal’s single SIM.

• In November 2022, Ottonomy.IO announced its partnership with Posten Norge AS and Holo to trial its autonomous first-mile delivery robot. Through this partnership, the company will leverage its Ottobots for receiving and delivering goods for the digital marketplace.

Key Players:

Starship Technologies, Amazon Robotics, FedEx Corporation, Savioke, Nuro, Robby Technologies, Marble, Dispatch, Boxbot, Kiwi Campus.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is the projected market value of the Delivery Robots Market?

– The Delivery Robots Market is expected to reach a value of USD 1.8 billion by 2028

2) What is the estimated CAGR of the Delivery Robots Market over the 2023 to 2028 forecast period?

– The Delivery Robots Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of approximately 33.7% from 2023 to 2028.

3) Who are the key players in the Delivery Robots Market?

– Starship Technologies, Amazon Robotics, FedEx Corporation, Savioke, Nuro, Robby Technologies, Marble, Dispatch, Boxbot, Kiwi Campus.

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