Probiotics in Animal Feed Market

Probiotics in Animal Feed MarketProbiotics are living bacteria that, if frenzied in prearranged numbers, provide health settlement. Probiotics are supplied through food to the animals and are called as Probiotics in Animal feed. It supports the animals ‘organic growth and system and jointly decreases animals’ addiction to antibiotics. The probiotics are of both Bacterial and Non-Bacterial type. The Bacterial Probiotics include Bifidobacterium, Lactobacillus, Pediococcus, Streptococcus, etc. The Non-Bacterial probiotics are fungus and yeast like Aspergillus oryzae, Candida Pintolopessi etc. The probiotics on the animal nourish market are rising at a considerable rate owing to the raise awareness of animal health.

The major factors expected to drive probiotics on the animal feed market are increasing intake of animal-based products, shifting the livestock industry from an unorganized sector to an organized one, increasing focus on animal health to prevent outbreaks of disease.

The livestock sector is under considerable pressure to meet the increasing world demand for high-value animal products. Consumers are becoming health-conscious and relying on foods that are rich in nutrients. Livestock products such as meat, milk, and eggs are rich micronutrient sources such as iron, zinc, and vitamins. Demand for probiotics in animal feed has grown due to the health benefits associated with probiotic consumption. They help maintain the microbial flora in animal intestinal tract and strengthen their immune system. Also, they effectively cure irritable bowel syndrome, IBD, and infectious diarrhoea. This helps animals derive maximum nutrition from the feed, which in turn increases animal products’ quality.

Key findings of report:

  • We will provide revenue growth and the CAGR of the market for forecast year
  • The market estimations will be based on comprehensive analysis of the key developments in the Probiotics in Animal Feed market
  • Analysis by segment of the market will include source, livestock, form, and function
  • The growth of the probiotics in animal feed market across North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, and the Rest of the World
  • Comprehensive details on drivers, challenges, restrains, and opportunities of the probiotics in animal feed market will be covered
  • Company profiling of the key players in the market will be provided along with the business overview, company snapshot, product development and portfolio
  • The recent developments and strategies owned by the key players will be listed to understand the competitive market scenario
  • The Key players in the report include Chr. Hansen, Koninklijke DSM N.V., DowDuPont, Evonik Industries, Land O’Lakes, Lallemand, Bluestar Adisseo Co., and Lesaffre among others.


We as a research firm providing bespoke solutions to small, medium, and large-scale enterprises across multiple industry verticals. We have been tracking the probiotics in animal feed market for several years now. We have noticed various agreements, acquisitions, and partnerships between companies. In 2018, by signing the MOU for strategic cooperation, Evonik and Vland (China) formed an agreement. This agreement was formed to work on innovations related to probiotics in animal nutrition.

Furthermore, in 2017, DSM acquires Dutch animal nutrition company Twilmij. DSM’s Animal Nutrition & Health strategy is to provide its customers with tailor-made solutions, leveraging its product range and innovation capabilities. Twilmij’s acquisition would further strengthen DSM’s presence in northwestern European markets.

However, our analysts also identified new opportunities, risk, maximized revenue sources, and enter disruptive markets. Such qualitative information and impactful solutions are majorly based on primary research, which would add huge value to our clients’ decision-making process so they may stay ahead of change. Our comprehensive animal nutrition & wellness industry-specific knowledge enables us in developing and delivering excellent outputs, and this wide-range capability differentiates us from our competitors.