Heat Stress Monitor Market

Heat Stress Monitor Market

Heat stress monitoring electronic device is being used to measure and record ambient air temperature, humidity, air flow, and radiant heat from sources like the sun, furnaces, ovens, boilers and human bodies. Heat stress in human body can lead to severe heat-related illnesses, such as heat stroke, hypothermia, heat exhaustion, heat cramps, or rashes. Therefore, heat stress control is implemented in the workplace to maintain an acceptable ambient temperature. The soaring demand of heat stress devices for military, athletics, and other industrial operation, and safety regulations for heat stress management drive is expected the fuel the market growth exponentially increasing. 

The military and defense culminated in the incorporation of heat stress devices in the equipment to monitor services of systems and soldiers under suitable conditions. For instance, deploying soldiers and giant weapons on difficult environments such as Siachen glaciers involves the use of heat stress monitoring to curb weapons malfunctions and proper soldiers health inspection. This affects the use of heat stress monitoring devices and drives the growth of the industry.

In addition, the growing demand for the device to prevent the cause of exertional heat-related disease (EHRI) in athletic training and sports activities. There has many conditions that afflict physically active people during heat stress activity. In addition, many EHRI cases are preventable by following the recommendations for heat acclimatization, using heat sensors, maintaining proper hydration, avoiding heat exertion while sick, and educating sports medicine workers, coaches, parents and athletes on early identification and prevention of EHRI. Thus, heat stress control plays a vital role in athletic safety and helps to prevent issues related to heat stress in athletic practice.

Key findings of report:

  • We will provide revenue growth and the CAGR of the market for forecast year
  • The market estimations will be based on comprehensive analysis of the key developments in the microscope software market
  • Analysis by segment of the market will include type of type, technology, offering, and application
  • The growth of the microscope software market across North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, and the Rest of the World
  • Comprehensive details on drivers, challenges, restrains, and opportunities of the microscope software market will be covered
  • Company profiling of the key players in the market will be provided along with the business overview, company snapshot, product development and portfolio
  • The recent developments and strategies owned by the key players will be listed to understand the competitive market scenario
  • The Key players in the report include Nielsen-Kellerman (US), Besantek, Extech Instruments, PCE instruments, Sper Scientific, General Tools & Instruments and REED Instruments among others.

We as a research firm providing bespoke solutions to small, medium and large-scale enterprises across multiple industry verticals. We have been tracking the heat stress monitor market for several years now. In terms of accusation in the market, TSI (US) acquired noise, environmental, and heat stress monitoring products of 3M (US) in February 2018. This acquisition is expected to enhance the value of TSI’s portfolio. Moreover, lately in 2020 Kenzen, a US Heat Safety company launched body heat sensor system for worker safety. It has the Smart PPE patch which monitors and relays real-time stress to protect workers against heat injuries and death.

However, our analysts also identified new opportunities, risk, maximized revenue sources, and enter disruptive markets. Such qualitative information and impactful solutions are majorly based on primary research, which would add huge value to our clients’ decision-making process so they may stay ahead of change. Our comprehensive medical devices industry-specific knowledge enables us in developing and delivering excellent outputs, and this wide-range capability differentiates us from our competitors.

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